Gemini: I hate to be bi-polar. I love it.

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Not so long ago, the internet went through an intense debate about Lana Del Rey’s Zodiac sign. After all, is she Cancer or Gemini? The astral enigma is not surprising for the singer who rewrote her own past. Having launched her career as Lizzy Grant, it was only as Lana that she became one of the most influential figures of pop music in the last decade. The mother of sad girls is never without controversy: a lawsuit against Radiohead, a song inspired by Harvey Weinstein, and not to mention the countless memes. Mrs. Del Rey is clearly a Gemini. And as her sun sign would signify, she triggers speculation, mystery, and fascination in every move she makes.

Gemini has the ability to reinvent everything all the time. The twins are an homage to the impermanence of life, as they remind us of the uncertainty of things and that nothing is what it seems. This sign tells us how one life isn’t enough to live everything the world has to offer. In other words, why not live a thousand lifetimes in one single existence? For Geminis, authenticity is an illusion.

“Gemini’s main purpose is sowing seeds of uncertainty.”
— interviewee, Gemini


You cannot talk about Gemini without mentioning ambivalence and conflicting feelings: love and hate, good and evil, light and shadow, Ying and Yang, Mary-Kate and Ashey. Geminis make us feel safe and condemned all at once like we’re living the best of times and the worst of times. Donald Trump is a Gemini, and we’re all doomed. But Beyoncé’s twins are also Geminis, and they bring hope to all of us.
Although duality is commonly associated with the twins, they are much more complicated than that. Geminis don’t carry two faces; they live infinite possibilities Maybe that’s why the internet calls them the fake bitches of the zodiac. They have so many fronts that it’s hard to keep up with them. Geminis highlight the diversity around us and the abundance in all of us. After all, flexibility and inconsistency can be two sides of the same coin.

Even though they are usually misunderstood, Geminis might be the best representation of the internet’s ethos: to define is to limit. Today lifestyles are flexible, not fixed. Tastes, interests, and interactions are no longer secured to a single scene or interest; They move fluidly across moods. As one Gemini told us in the Peoplestrology’s survey, the twins’ main purpose is “freeing people to be more than one single thing.” The world is definitely more Gemini than ever.

Of course, this ever-changing mindset can also be hard to deal with. For many Geminis, their astrological sign can be summarized in one harsh adjective: bipolar. The reference to the psychological illness is a dramatic take on how Geminis often change their minds—and their moods. You go to work feeling like you’ve finally found the most fabulous job of your life but then you go home miserable and desperately in need of a sabbatical. You’re sure of who you are until you scroll through your Instagram feed and all you can think about is becoming a different person. In such a fast-changing culture, how can someone not change their mind all the time?

Gif by Linda Van Bruggen

Of all air signs, Gemini is the most skillful when it comes to communication. However, even though they have the gift of oratory, they rarely talk about themselves. As the Egyptian sphinx, they are masters of the puzzles of human communication, but no one truly gets to know them.

Unpredictability can be threatening and uncomfortable for some, but not for a Gemini. Maybe that’s why they are easily bored. If a Gemini were an animal, it would be a cat. Like a cat, a Gemini is always beautifully bored.

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Kanye West may be the most infamous (and most Gemini) Gemini

Speaking of fame and realness, here’s the thing about the twins: Leos might think they’re better than everyone else, while Geminis are 100 percent sure they are superior. And they’re not very interested in proving it to you. That’s why Geminis inspire such admiration. If you want to worship Geminis, welcome to their fanbase. After all, they were born to be followed, even though they usually don’t follow back.


*André Alves

Co-founder of Peoplestrology and float. He is a writer and trend forecaster in between NYC and São Paulo who is also passionate about movies, Astrology, and tea.