Everyone deserves a Taurus

A very Taurus thing is: we don’t like to follow rules. When I was invited to write about my own sign, I was given some guidelines, but I have to say I made things hard on myself.

In a Taurus’ mind, everything happens in extremes. We make up conversations, rejections, arguments. We have a bit of this martyr complex, and, at the same time, we think we’re always right. So Tauruses end up adding some bumps along their own way. The rest of the world tends to see this behavior as stubbornness.

That is not at all because we want things our own way, or because we need to always have a steady ground to step on. It’s more that if we don’t feel challenged if we don’t have to defeat Medusa along the way and get out of there with a golden velocipede in our hands, it isn’t even worth the ride.

Taurus – just like its archetype Hercules – loves to get in fights and then brag about their efforts. There lies the sign’s biggest contradiction of being considered both hardworking and lazy. Taurus people don’t like to settle down in safety but are rather willing to fight for this safety. And once they get a hold of it, they have no shame in showing it.

The best of Taurus is giving in to pleasure. We don’t eat because we’re gluttons, we don’t drink because we’re drunks, neither we have sex for we’re maniacs. It is pure enjoyment, a Venusian celebration! There’s always a delight, a little surprise ahead, so we can fall in love with life again. Our love is not for money itself, but for what comes from it. It’s just like that RuPaul quote: ‘Having money is great when you have an imagination’. Not everything Tauruses touch turns to gold, but it surely becomes more amusing.

They call us materialists. However, I think it’s more logical to think of Taurus as a sign capable of taking pleasure in things, of enjoying reality. Yes, we like luxury (but who doesn’t?) and we can also be brand whores. We’ve got a thing for sophistication, for what’s well done and for attention to details.

We like enjoying the simple things in life as well, though, including nature. We love the wilderness, the soil; we love to throw ourselves into the sea, a river or a waterfall; we love planting a garden, living on a farm. Yes, isolation does us good, but not for too long. Nothing like the blissful feeling of having our own place to welcome those we love.

The biggest achievement for this sign is, perhaps, finding love. In times of liquid relationships, our bodies might travel around different bed sheets, but there’s no better feeling than finding that someone we don’t wanna share with anyone else. Taurus is a very dangerous mix of romanticism and laziness of managing too many human beings at the same time. That’s why we’ll come up with a thousand excuses not to take bae to the club. Better to avoid any troubles.

We’re ashamed of being jealous, but that’s how we are. On the other side of this same coin lies our incredible ability to be faithful. If a Taurus loves you, they will wake up and go to sleep thinking about you. Tauruses can take time to open up, but they’re skilled in being generous with their love. They’re skilled in treating friends like family and family like friends. By the way: we may even complain about those we love, still, we’re the only ones allowed to do it. Ok?

And it’s okay to be like this. After all, Tauruses are clingy, yet devoted too. We take a little while to learn, but when we do, we take off and shine.

Taurus is the cornerstone of this absent-minded world” — Taurus, Peoplestrology

I believe this is one of our biggest talents: finding happiness and success in a realistic scenario. After all, in such uncertain times, escaping reality might be the easiest way out. Facing it and getting over it is the hard one. And Taurus is brave enough to be down-to-earth. This braveness will always be rewarded with a piece of heaven.

If you’re with me, you’re with God. *

* Free translation of a popular Brazilian saying, meaning the interlocutor is someone you can trust just as much as God and, therefore, you should not worry.

See you next time!


*Aline Micelli

Yoga instructor, therapeutic tarot reader, and journalist. She has 20 years of experience in witchcraft and uses Astrology as an anthropological study of humanity to give more meaning to life.