Sun in Cancer: It’s Time to feel the Time

June has come – the month of the sign of Cancer. Here, on the southern hemisphere, it’s also the month in which winter begins, bringing along its own share of existentialism.

One out of four respondents that took the survey who have the sun in Cancer used the word ‘sensibility’ to describe their sign – with slight variations such as ‘feelings’ and ‘sensitive’. I thought it makes sense to take this astral moment to think about something very important: in our (daily) lives, what is exactly the time and space for our feelings?

Cancer is the first water sign – an element closely linked to memory and emotion. Besides that, all life takes form within the fundamental and uterine water – the cauldron in which lies the purest and mysterious sensitiveness. Thanks to that, the ones born under this sign are also associated with the mother archetype in its purest form.

Gisele Bundchen @ Vogue July 2018

One of them is the Great Mother goddess Gaia, the generous provider of life itself, the one that gives it all without expecting anything back. In this moment, all my skepticism bows down to the fact that Gisele Bundchen, a goddess with Sun in Cancer whose life purpose is to protect the Mother Earth. Maybe she was godsent. Or maybe it’s all a coincidence.

Another possible manifestation of this archetype is the “everyone’s mom” – one that provides comfort when everything falls apart, the one who brings the family together, the one who provides essential acceptance and love, such important things for those born under this sign. When asked about their mission on Earth, many respondents with Sun in Cancer used words such as loving, nurturing, taking care and embracing others. Empathy and affection seem to be their thing.

Undoubtedly, this motherly heirloom may also carry a dark side. Cancers are seen as dramatic, needy, and even manipulative at times. This is given to the fact they’d rather connect to others through emotions, and as we know, it’s easy to be a little extra when it comes to feelings. So here’s my appeal not only to those who were born in this month, but also to whoever indulges themselves in their feelings: when you give, don’t expect something in return. Letting go can be good, and as far as I know, also healthy and approachable for all the other zodiac signs.

Cancer is a sign ruled by the Moon. Because of that, the ones who are born under this sign may notice its changes and phases more strongly. Mood swings, highs and lows in vitality, as swaying between happiness and sadness is the everyday life of Cancer. These lunar beings also develop some sort of night vision and are highly driven by their intuition.

Olafur Eliasson — Your Lost Outside

Since they’re so strongly connected to the water and to the moon, they would obviously end up being complex and deep. Unstable, unpredictable, mysterious; they’re also labeled as sufferers. In my point of view, I believe everyone suffers, but Cancers can accept that as a fact and are not afraid of showing —and sharing—their tears.

And here lies the great lesson Cancer can teach us, as long as we’re bold enough to embrace what they’re coaching us: feelings are subversive by nature. They take no orders and accept no rules, no matter how powerful our rational mind is. In a world where productivity takes its toll on freedom and personal pleasure, being taken over by a strange emotion on a Tuesday afternoon might be disturbing.

Every feeling is like a wave. It starts with a slight unrest, a small riptide, and slowly grows from the deep ocean. It then rises to the surface, heavily hits the reef and turns to foam on the beach sand. Finally, it recoils. But where does it go back to?

Is it possible to measure the size of a wave before it takes form? Are they all the same? Our human boundaries don’t allow such control, and this is how feelings are so transgressive. They put us adrift, our boat surrendered to this continuous rocking motion of god-knows-what.

People say emotions get in the way of practical life. Still, if there’s one thing we can’t run away from and that brings us all together as equal in an underlying pureness, it’s these subtle movements from within.

At this moment, we might get scared, uneasy, lost in endless solitude. But by the seashore, the crab acknowledges it all and goes along with the beat. ‘Despacito’, sideways, it dances.


* Lena Maciel

Lena is a screenwriter with Cancer rising. She transcribes her dream journals at, and you can also find more of her work at