Making Peace with Aries

NervousAggressiveAuthoritative. The Aries reputation is, at minimum, controversial.

One of the questions that Peoplestrology intends to answer is, “Which sign is the toughest to be around?” Could Aries be the big winner here?

Our study reveals some big insights. For some born under this sign, the word they use to describe themselves is “Satan-Aries.” That just goes to show the first archetype of the zodiac is anything but weak. The idea of leaving the comfort zone is a huge joke for Aries — there’s no such thing as comfort. For them, explosions are always happening. That’s because sometimes even a small seed needs to burst to give life to something new.


According to the research, many Arians said their mission in the world is to:

“Shake things up.”

“Light everything on fire so that it can be rebuilt.”

“Encourage people to live more by their instincts.”

“Push people to chase their dreams.”


Aries seems to be terrific for those who have a lot of Aries in the sky. But how about the rest of the world? Dealing with their raw and wild vitality isn’t such an easy thing when matched up against the energies of different signs, which are more subtle and distilled in other ways.

Everything indicates that the 11 zodiac signs perhaps feel intimidated by the strength of the No. 1 ram. Could it be jealousy of Aries’ autonomy? Could they feel tired after watching all of Aries’ energy and enthusiasm? Or are they scared of being hurt by Aries? Because when it comes to conflict, don’t ever expect Aries to cave in first. The Aries ego is usually more infantile and masculine.

Peoplestrology: Aries Open-Zodiac (March 2018)

Recently, there seems to be something that’s affecting our tolerance with the supposed intolerance of Aries: There’s now hope (and a fight for) the arrival of a more Yin phase in human history. Egalitarian movements and a push toward more social diversity are starting to change paradigms, and they’re defending the dawning of a new age that’s being guided less by masculine energy and becoming more balanced by the presence of feminine qualities.

The virtues of the Mars warrior – courage to act, strength to compete and confidence to lead – continue to be predominant in a patriarchal society. But today, these virtues have to better share space with other types of forces such as flexibility, collaboration and sensibility.

The challenge is real. Heat comes from within. Aries has an active and impulsive energy, but those born under this sign run the risk of coming off as coercive, nervous and living by a survival instinct. The most radical zodiac sign doesn’t work well on halfway terms. That’s where things get complicated, because Aries can turn into a lone rebel, without a cause.


One of the most important astrology questions is, What’s the reason of being for each sign? Everyone has a little bit of everything in their charts, in some proportion or the other. How are you using the Aries magic in your favor?

If Pisces is creative so s/he can dream better, Aries is anxious to create. But Aries needs to accept the help of others. Accept the imperfections of others. Accept the time of things. Impatience with the world (and with themselves) will only cause Aries to leave battles behind in search of new things that, once again, won’t come together.

To be in the company of Mercury, Venus and Uranus, the Sun is now arriving in Aries. This is the right time to have courage to make that first step that you haven’t been able to give yourself. But do it with intention and serenity at the same time, avoiding the spontaneous combustions and unnecessary waste of energy.

Stay #Chill. You’re only going to feel that the “world is yours” if you can act in harmony with the universe.


Lucas Liedke

Co—founder of Peoplestrology and floatPsychoanalyst in private practice in São Paulo, Brazil. —