‘Astrology is a Social Fact’

Manzel Bowman

This affirmation by Michel Maffesoli is one of the most powerful things I’ve heard lately, because it makes me think about astrology through a cultural and behavioral lens.

In the end, wherever we go or look — in conversations at the bar or restaurant, on my or your Timeline, on Tinder, in Whatsapp groups or in YouTube clips from comedians – we can find astrology in our lives. Most media outlets have dedicated some content to astrology, even if it’s limited to the sad daily horoscopes, full of clichés and misinformation.

Everyone knows their sign and its basic characteristics — everyone. A good number of people also know their rising sign or maybe even their moon sign, and others probably have already done their astral map, even if it’s from a free site of questionable repute.

The Eclipse in “X” sign or a super Full Moon in “Y” sign (details that were once restricted only to occult groups and the like) now are global topics of discussion on Facebook and Instagram among many of our friends. Astrology is a trending topic today. Just look at the rising number of Google searches on Mercury in retrograde over the past few years. A phenomenon that has always happened suddenly has turned into news in people’s everyday lives.

Why is that? There’s no question about it: It’s a clear sign of our planet’s spiritual awakening.

Yes, the blue one. 🌎

Manzel Bowman

It was predicted to happen by the Mayans, Egyptians, Babylonians, those from Atlantis, Pleiadeans, Cherokee Indians and various people from older times. We’re now in the beginning stages of what’s called the Age of Aquarius — better known as the Age of Light.

If we were to think that light is nothing more than information, we could soon conclude that our resulting illumination is an avalanche of knowledge. We’re officially living in an information era. The context of the Network, algorithms and the speed of the contemporary world only confirm this theory. Transformation is exponential and dizzying.

Astrology wouldn’t have gained popularity if it existed on its own in culture. It has a link with quantum physics, the laws of attraction, Reiki, constellations, meditation, yoga, UFOs and every bridge that’s connecting us to new realities.

The entire system is vibrating in an area of the cosmos that’s replete with Light = Information. Our Sun and all of the planets that are revolving around it are entering what’s called a photon belt. (Study it without fear, use your curiosity and believe only what makes sense to you.)

The photon belt explains a lot. It explains the awakening of the sacred female, the sexual harassment accusations in Hollywood, and the calling-out of government corruption around the world (Wall Street, FIFA, the International Olympic Committee). It also explains how a guy like me — duly trained in law, an adviser to the justice department, with dreams to become a judge – has decided to leave everything behind to seek purpose, to find spirituality within his own very existence.

Manzel Bowman

And going back to the beginning of this post: It was astrology that guided me on this torturous road to escape the Matrix.

But make no mistake, astrology today is alive, evident and mainstream despite having been under the radar and spending centuries being associated to witches and the whims of popular beliefs. In the end, it’s been the Catholic Church and the oppressive, masculine, machismo power of the patriarchy that’s tried to drive us away from the knowledge that astrology brings, from spirituality and everything from the magical world of Oz.

All of that is changing.

To feel the correspondence in movements of the Moon, Venus, Saturn or Pluto with the happenings of our lives, to understanding that the solar system has cycles that can be studied and predicted, to know that people have cosmic DNA — all of this reconnects us to a source, with the idea that we are part of something bigger, complex, perfect and in constant evolution.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius!


* Edu Conte

Astrologer, musician, magician and alchemist (not necessarily in this order). For 15 years, he worked at the court of justice. After an energetic and spiritual download, he experienced a huge awakening. He abandoned everything to dedicate himself to music and astrology, studying alchemy, cosmology, Reiki, kabbalah and everything that gave him permission to learn more about the invisible world of spirituality. He currently lives in Rio de Janeiro, where he’s a professor and co-founder of SIGMA – the first-ever astrology course at Perestroika-RJ, Brazil. He also created Astrological Encounters, an astrology class that meets at his own house.