Pisces: Transition Mode


Pisces are currently in transit past our planet. Well, we all are on the same path, but this particular gang of fish is a group that transits so often by here that they’ve earned their image in the zodiac as the ones with the head trips. While you’re going on to your friend about your love life or a project that ended badly, you’ll find Pisces sitting in the corner, diving in deep and absorbing the immensity of sensations around them.

Pisces give off a vibe so out there that they capable of knowing other “planets” and possibilities that the rest of us simply don’t see. What a creative crowd, right? And that’s not all: Pisces is a sign that’s governed by Jupiter, the biggest and most expansive mythological god. What that means is Pisces are able to transform even the most banal bar conversations (something this gang loves) into pure gold.

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Pisces are like astronauts. They create and explore spaces so hard to reach that they end up getting pegged as crazy or more sensitive than necessary. This group spends so much time feeling the pain of the world, of having to deal with people so rude and selfish, that they deserve a glass of beer once in a while, right?

Be forewarned: They will take a swig because Pisces is a sign that tends toward escapism by leaving reality ever so often. They live on a tightrope between the concrete and imaginary, and for them to turn into just another crazy person wandering around is only a matter of 5 minutes. For Pisces, it’s about change for the sake of having a new conscience, to be free or to build something – rather than destroy or give up just because your crush is not that into you.

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But even so, know that it’s only in the midst of the chaos that the answers will come. The universe didn’t send you to this planet as the last zodiac sign just to throw wonderful, shiny things at you. To learn and become one with the cosmos isn’t so easy. Tap into your intuition, because remember, you’re a witch (in the best way). Accept the impressions you have of life and embrace all the feelings (even the bad ones). Because as I’ve already said, Pisces are escapists and love to run away from the mess.

Some of the most daring creators I know have one toe dipped in the ocean: Steve Jobs, Nina Simone, Kurt Cobain, Albert Einstein, Rihanna. They’re people who had or have a certain understanding that their presence in the world – whether it’s sad, happy, fast or enduring – is seen beyond today’s incoming or outcoming tide.

To be a Pisces is to be an artist. It’s to create with all the incredible number of possibilities available to you. It’s about that, little mermaid (or if you wish, piranha, LOL): The universe wants you to inspire and show others the same spell that you’re able to fall under. So stop going all the way out there on your own! If you keep doing that, you’re going to always feel like a fish out of water.


Life is a cycle of renewal and resistance for those who have Pisces in their maps. It’s hard to not end up being a martyr for others, feeling the burden of all society. But do you know why you do this? Because there’s no clear limit between what’s yours and what belongs to the rest of the world. So, look, I’m going to teach you a simple spell for that.

You’re going to take a small box and personalize it any way you want. On the outside – pick a size, color, material – whatever you want. This box represents you. You can put your name on it, a nickname, a symbol that represents you, it can have a key, it doesn’t have to – you decide! The important thing is that it’s yours and no one else can touch it. Inside of this little box is your inner self. You can customize the interior, take out things, put them back, change it, do what you wish with it – but only you are allowed to do it. Got it? Good, now give me a breather and tell me later how things went with the box.

I’ll stop here with a final note. Paraphrasing a friend whose rising sign is Pisces:

“Everything can have been a little confusing, but I hope I’ve helped somewhat…” 💙


* Denise Carvalho

Publicist, psychology student and, in her free time, a witch. For questions and spells, follow her on Instagram.